Dream midtown

NEW YORK, USA / 2015


The Dream Hotel envelopes the lobby with large scaled, organic architectural gestures clothed with an elegant ‘dream’ luster that softens the space, paired with the warm wood tones evoking extreme ends of the spectrum, while inviting one to explore beyond the visible perimeters. 

The boundaries between contemporary and classical design are endlessly blurred throughout the hotel, creating a fresh take of elegance.  In complimenting the design, the custom designed furniture pieces were carefully tailored to maximize the guest experience from lounging in the lobby to relaxing in the guestrooms, without skipping custom design in between.    

In continuing the architectural ‘dreams’ formed through the lobby, the guestrooms provide a dynamic, yet subtle blend of architecture and artwork, seamlessly inviting the guest to lay down and relax, and essentially become a part of the cocoon, pushingthe traditional boundaries of ‘look, don’t touch’.  The unassuming muted tones through the room augment the enchanting vibe providing a tranquil end to an evening.