The city of magnificent intentions.

W Washington DC, the closest hotel to The White House, the historic Beaux Arts building that has stood at the center of history since 1917, the appetite for veracity is still strong. Our country split between two parties clamoring for its own agendas has America searching for probity in a world full of myths and facts.

These conflicting theories are one of the many moving parts in D.C.’s society. Much of the action takes place behind the scenes: kryptos messages sprawled along government campuses, secret meetings in the White House captivate the public as to what clandestine societies really exist in modern day America.

One of the most prominent forms of political expression are political cartoons. Political cartoons are a translation of contrasting beliefs delivered as humorous, bold, and strong: the foundations of the American voice. The impact epithet “city of magnificent intentions” by Charles Dickens holds true in modern America, one hundred and seventy-five years later.