W Seoul



For the first Asian outpost of the W boutique-hotel brand, and the hotel chain’s second international destination, W Seoul-Walkerhill established the company’s truly international appeal, and is unlike any other hotel the W has ever created. Situated in a new building on the Han River, adjacent to the Sheraton Walkerhill, W Seoul, like its counterpart W Mexico City, were the first hotels built from scratch, and not refurbished former hotels like their U.S. counterparts. 

At night, the scene of the hotel is a multisensory experience of lighting. The scene of the hotel is set by the nighttime view of Seoul across the Han River, as viewed through the generous, all-glass back wall of the bar and common area. And inside, the din of night is created by the pulsating flat screen monitors, flush against the back wall of Woo bar, as well as the candles spread through the various tables within the sea of egg and pod-shaped seating environments.